How strange life and technology is!

Though i say so myself,sometimes i have chosen titles and names aptly and well for myself.I chose my current nom de plume and blogtitle for a variety of reasons.One,if not the first or most immediate comes both from a feeling of being lost in life quite frequently and most of the time.Related to that is a sense that actually most of us are lost most of the time and we do not come equipped with a ready made map or any other guidance other than that which we make up fr ourselves.Whilst i am myself a believer,in that i follow a spiritual path,i would recognise that much of any such path is,if not personally chosen,then it is at least in great part socially constructed.

Then more than occassionally i have the kind of experience that confirms that sense of being well…lost……


i think it was only in 2010 that i actively began seeking to have my own voice on the internet,and independently in the world.initially that consisted of contributing to others websites,and then seeking to establish my own blog/website.i tried following the clues after looking at”providers”and guidance.As a”computer/new technologies dummy”i’m afraid i will make again my usual criticism that it seems to me,unless you are somehow”in the know”or familiar with it all,like the generations below me appear to be,then its mystifying and exclusive-its virtually impossible to find a way in.It is rare to find instructions or guidance,and when its there,it still usually,in my experience does not behave like its suppossed to.So eventually i gave up,i would  guess by the end of 2011,despite having followed the instructions on several occassions into cul-de-sacs.I was then lucky to meet and make a friend,who seemed to have the knowledge in her head and in her fingertips,so that late last summer during a 20 minute visit to a library she helped me establish my blog.

i still have an awkward relationship with  it,and actually its not quite this one,but it is there.

Then today-i followed a post on another site,made a comment,and having second thoughts about what i had written,sought to delete it-and like falling into a Tigger trap or like an incident in Alice In Blunderland,i fell into another blog-and here i am.

Determined in some way to integrate the process of discovery and learning into the writing and opinion expressed here.Frankly,i’m so astonished,that i wonder whether,if when i”leave”this page/site,whether i will ever stumble into it again….

Life proves many things daily,of itself-and one element is that life itself is very strange!


About lostbutnotreturning

quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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