Some initial thoughts on the People’s Assembly

I think we all need to support the forthcoming People’s Assembly on some date in June 2013.

However,i have some concerns about its style and purpose.I think it is one day in duration,and with work it should,ought to be full of people representing the undoubtedly numerous emergent campaigns from all over Britain resisting austerity and cuts and a lot else.It will be good if we canget a real sense of how broad and deep and widespread is the fight back,but we need to do more than this.We will need to make a hardheaded assessment of where we are NOT getting both geographically and politically in terms of the ideas about figthing back.We do not need a rally simply to make us feel good,we do not need either”stars”be they celebrities of of various parts of the”movement”telling us what  we already know,nor to rouse our spirits.Nor do we just need to hear from the leading lights of the movement.I do not have a downer of the courage nor importance of say PCS members taking their stand on budget day,but we need a detailed discussion of how those successes are build,how to make the real and neccessary links between say hosuing workers in UNISON,and the tenants and families who ARE being threatened and evicted.We do not need a “top table”of left trade union officers,and mps,but we need to hear thereal experiences of shop stewards and union representatives in  building local shop organisations,organising new sections of workers,combatting intimidation of staff,halting the use of competency proceedings to remove caring,considerate staff who are NOT willing to simply follow the latest diktat from mamanagement.We need to learn ho we defend militant colleagues,how to prevent evictions,how to prevent intimidating and careless letters going to not just vulnerable people but ANY people.None of us should have to face threats,or careless language.Having allowed too much of the  welfare state to be eroded already,we  need to work out and to exchange and develop the ideas,tactics and techniques that defend and extend the welfare state,so that it looks like  the services we might actually want to use.If not now then when do we get to articulate our ideas about services that actually might help those in distress and difficulty,and YES deal with the very real problems of the victimisation of women and children,and yes men too!……..It is no good saying its too dificlt,too big,too complex-we have at least to do the best we can now.


We make the world as it is now.We ought to be able to work out as a class and as communities what our  needs are and how to meet those needs.We may not do it all nor all at once but  we ought to be able to do at least some of it now,It cannot be any worse than the austerity and the cuts and the class warfare we are already in.We have to start now,and work it out for ourselves.If we do not try then soon it will be too late,and all our ideas about the centrality of our own talent and self activity will be brittle wasted words.



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quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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