A People’s Assembly

As an organising principle a people’s assembly should maximise the democracy and involvement of all of us,engage us each in creative,constructive activity that enables us to be creative and enables activity which benefits ourselves and others,so that it grows endlessly on itself,and mobilises us all.

It should not just be a one off or special event,where those in some way a celebrity make a feel good speech,so we all go away on a temporary high,so next time we are down,we know how it ought to be.For sometime,next day,next week,anytime,sometime we are left still wondering what is the way out of this,and wondering if change is just self delusion.

We can know that it is not and need not be so,but we need to find ways to work together.What one cannot do,or many in isolation are left wondering,many together can make a difference.We may fail,and make mistakes many times but doing it together gives us confidence and collective expression.And they can never take  that away.

A finger,is a finger,is a finger-but 5 fingers make a fist.A hand can be a helping hand grasped in friendship,and we can link arms and hands and make a chain that does not bind us except in solidarity and our power to change things together and for the better.

Hands across the sea,hands waving in greeting that confirm we are social beings


About lostbutnotreturning

quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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