A Serendipitous Journey to Tal Wilkenfeld

i was mulling over how and when to start a thread on music.over the last couple of years i have posted quite a lot of music on facebook with pieces about some of it but that is very ephemeral.i have written the occasional piece elsewhere too,but all the material i wrote in 2011 on a certain website went into the aether i guess when that corporate reorganised itself so it not only wasted and lost my blog,it became virtually unusable.The key thing is that whilst i’m not a musician i fell my life and blood is steeped in music,so i feel the need to tell my own musical story.

Which i suppose brings me to this……when simply an opportunity presents itself,through a delicate set of serendipitous events that are mainly in my own head-i admit it.

When i was growing up and forming my own independent tastes i became vaguely aware of The Yardbirds because pretty early i began to pick up on the blues and rnb.So i was aware of Jeff Beck,though its only in later years that he loomed larger for me.So it was about  year i caught a set by Jeff Beck’s latest band on television.i even recorded part of it during a second showing.Not only did i notice Beck’s astonishing playing which confirmed at two levels my view that he is amongst the worlds current greatest electric guitarists,but i saw more inthe background,a young,vibrant and woman bass player,astonishing for her playing,her youth(given the rest of the 4 piece are men of my age and older)and her exuberant,joyful body language.I was unable to work or to find out who she was.

About a few months ago,i made a housekeeping style introductory speech at a conference and made a musical reference to Jeff Becks slabs of notes that sometimes only make melodic sense later in the piece he plays.I was thinking of the set i have just referred to.

Then in the last few days when doing an internet search for something else entirely i came across a reference to Tal Wilkenfeld,and followed it.Everything fitted into place and it was like the sun went on and the sky opened up.Especially as i found a 1.25m piece that is absolutely astonishing.


A few days ago i went to a venue and found myself thinking that its a place i could put Tal on to play in.then i had a discussion with a friend and comrade about my discovery feeling like  a combination between an adolescent boy and a madman,though she did not treat me or the discussion that way,instead trying to persuade me to think of a venue in our own community… 

Since then i’ve found her on Facebook and got a message.its not personal but its a message.

So all i can say at this point is interesting,and hope it might interest you too.










About lostbutnotreturning

quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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