Austerity and Cuts-Some Economics

Lets start with how things are then.I have no doubt that by applying any of a variety of theories of economics or economic models,the ideaological attack and the economic attack on OUR class,the working class is completely unneccessary.

I would suggest that these cuts represent not good economics but a determination to make US pay for THEIR mistakes.Even in their own terms,if we have to make economies,cuts we do do it differently and start by making the group or class at the centre of this pay for their mistakes.In a way it does not much matter whether we/you see that as government,the capitalist class,the bankers or any other fraction/sector of their class.After all,in their own terms their own cuts are imprecise and divisive and effectively blame whole groups who cannot possibly have had anything to do with the current crisis.Bad,toxic mortgages in the USA cannot possibly be the fault of workers,women,people with disabilities,claimants.If the causes are international then how can it be pinned to any group who have no key role in international capitalism from any location.If its the bankers playing casino capitalism here or anywhere else,the only role we ever had was at worst,perhaps in being tempted into debt usually to pay for the inevitably rising prices and falling wages to do the most basic things in life,as THEY constantly shift THEIR burdens on to us anyway!

Let me very clear indeed that i take an absolute position on migration-that no-one is illegal and that there should be no borders.If capitalism needs the free movement of capital and indeed labour,then according to the rules of their own system,there needs to be a free movement of labour.Surely we,the”help”want that too….

I also think most if not all the conditions THEY want to apply,are brutal and unnacceptable.People  cannot be treated as numbers.THEIR policies and failures and decisions are often what brings people here,so why should we pay.If they really do want to go after people who are feral,lazy,workshy and here on the most dodgy basis then beside “organised crime”,there is one large extended family who have for at least a hundred years masqueraded as locals.They are the Windsors,who advised by the Mountbattens,aka Battenbergs,advised the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s to change their names.I believe it was because of a tiff or feud amongst their own extended family that they sent millions of us to our deaths in World War One.Yes,that dodgy geezer Willy,and that other very dodgy,arrogant and probably quite stupid Nicholas were all involved in mass murder.So now Elizabeth and her feral brood are still lauding it over us.having accumulated billions,if not trillions,on the backs not just of the local but from the international working class,we could probably fundamentally start resolving major economic problems around the world not just here,if we deported this”shower”and expropriated what is essentially our wealth back to ourselves.I am certain that we could find more socially useful employment for the many ordinary people in her employ,on decent pay and conditions,at least to the end of their careers/lives,and redirect a lot more resources too.Similarly methinks with the armed forces.It should not be beyond our capacity to re-orient military force to a much more modest,initially genuinely defensive format,and save on major arms programmes.There have been several attempts since world war two to shift from military to civilian production,which rather than being wasted because most of such hardware is not used or wasted in laying waste to other peoples and places,perhaps all that investmenet could be generative and regenerative.

i even had this”daft idea”when i was younger that actually one of the things that could make what is currently called britain valuable to more people and less prone to war might actually be that it can be  a green and pleasant land.its not such a daft seems to me that all the shrivelled people who complain that britain IS so attractive,make my point for me.Only now THEIR class seem determined to throw all of that”civilisation”away.

So,don’t tell me i’m a dreamer,because i will reply with the refrain that”i’m not the only one”.






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quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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