Calendars,Diaries,Journals-Some Rules of Thumb

I don’t think i can call the following definitions or rules,so”Rules of Thumb”will have to do…

I guess a calendar is a list of commitments,appointments and things to do set essentially into the future.So i would see a diary as that calendar when it has fallen into the past,including a commentary on and/or thoughts about those events.Whist some have sought to  set up rules and procedures about journals and journalling,i have  amuch more rough hewn approach.For me,my journal integrates all  of the above and a lot more>it has some coherence and a date order but it mixes all kinds of things,and is often a vey private place.Allsaid and done,i thought i might start adding,thouggh not neccessarilly absolutely regularly some kind of activist journal to my blog(s),and other websites on which i write.

Lets see how it goes,i make no promises,i make no prisoners of myself nor anyone else either.Take that as you like,although it is not a confrontation-it might be a challenge for both of us.




About lostbutnotreturning

quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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