An Activist’s Journal-Unfortunately a weekend does not go on forever

To pick up from where i left off,it is disturbing to hear from the woman who talked about her homeless friend that we will now try to help,also told us that in 2014 the council intend to demolish the block she lives in!.the block is lowrise,and not that old.It has,i think been renovated in recent years.So,she asks,where will she go next?Exactly….

We will do more than ponder that>i return home and send some of the evening following up on all the background work that keeps the outer face,the street and public presence of campaigns going.i get an email reply from a woman in another borough also struggling with bedroom tax and other issues,kindly passed on to me by another friend and comrade in our campaign.i write on facebook and elsewhere,with some silly quips,and as always some music.Its 3am and i think of all those details i still have to deal with,though i am NOT complaining-this is NOT the stuff i evade……but like everyone i’m fallible and too much slips through….

Today i haul myself up relatively early and as well as writing-this indeed-there are domestic chores,before my eldest daughter celebrates her 21st birthday,a day early,and despite 18 now being the year that people pass into formal but notional adulthood,21 is still a key date for a lot of people.Some family and friends fun…..

Then i suspect the evening could combine relaxation and recovery(is that RnR?)and more of the background stuff of life and campaigning,as we enter another week.

i wonder if i can keep this up?…the journal,not the campaigning!the campaigning is a given.Like comrades and friends,like Paula Peters,who also manages to write almost daily on Facebook,i cannot imagine life without it





About lostbutnotreturning

quirky white mature man,with a wide range of interests that i intend to reflect and bring together in my website/blog.
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